Our Story

At Belmazad.com, our core team comprises of dynamic and innovative real estate professionals with combined industry experience of over four decades. Our extensive experience and knowledge spanning diverse real estate markets, both locally and internationally, has given us invaluable insights into the challenges faced by buyers, sellers, and brokers in the secondary market.

Driven by a passion to transform these challenges into opportunities, we launched Belmazad.com in partnership with Banque Misr, Egypt’s leading financial institution. Our revolutionary digital auction platform, crafted to redefine the real estate buying and selling journey. Serving institutions, individuals, corporations, and brokers, Belmazad.com stands as a beacon of innovation in real estate transactions.

Our Mission

At Belmazad.com, our mission is to reshape the landscape of real estate transactions by making them faster, safer, and smarter. We strive to establish Belmazad.com as the preferred digital transformation tool for all of Egypts leading private and governmental institutions, while making online auctions the primary method for secondary market real estate transactions.

By streamlining and enhancing the buying and selling process through our fully digitized platform, we aim to set a new standard for efficiency, accessibility, and security in the industry. Our goal is to become the platform of choice for all stakeholders seeking seamless, fast, and secure real estate transactions, eliminating the hassles of endless calls and negotiations.

Our Vision

Our vision is crystal clear: to emerge as the foremost sales channel for real estate in Egypt. We aspire to be the top choice for institutions, individuals, and brokers alike, offering unparalleled service and state-of-the-art technology that simplifies and enhances the real estate experience.