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The whole ethos of Belmazad has been to create services which are not only user friendly but offer an exciting and unique buying experience. We want our buyers to be totally confident they have only ever paid the true open market price.

Getting Started
What is bring together all the sellers and buyers with an efficient platform for both auction and bidding. An easy and risk free experience for sellers and open sphere for the buyers to purchase at genuine prices.

How does work?

We conduct our operation on three auction models. The first two, are regulated by date and time, and the last one provides an element of ease to every buyer. With each listing of the property, sellers can choose different methods of selling. Thus, you have an exact idea of what you are bidding on.

Buying on

The process of buying a property on our platform is simple. In the initial phase, the property of your interest can be viewed by you or your representative after that undertake your diligence that is due. Once the overall satisfaction with the property/service is achieved, you will register for an auction in a few step on and once bid deposit is confirmed and registration approved you will be able to bid on your property from anywhere at any time.  

If reserved price is achieved, the highest bidder wins.

Selling on works in close proximity with both banks, ;institutions, real estate agents and property disposal clients from across the middle east and africa offering finest properties from motivated sellers. In case, you are interested in selling a property from small apartment or large commercial or residential properties, get in touch with us.


belmazad.comis a leading bidding service/online auction platform embarked on an ambitious expansion program in Egypt. 

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Creating an account with helps you keep track information related to new properties available for purchase on our platform. Following are the benefits of creating personal account:

  • Simple creation of customized alerts
  • Searches can be saved
  • Get Notifications about auctions
  • Receive prior notice to new auctions

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