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Live Bid Auction

  • Verified Offers Only: To create a trustworthy bidding environment, only serious bidders who are verified using OTP and security deposit.
  • Verified Properties: We offer a wide range of properties, each one verified for your peace of mind.
  • Transparency: All property information and documents are available to download, making the only variable is the cost, which the auction engine solves for you. All bids are transparent yet bidder identity is kept private
  • Winning Offer: At the end of the auction, with complete transparency and without hidden conditions or unexpected modifications, the bid that meets the seller's approval wins.
  • Secure Payments: Winning bidder has 48 hours to submit 10% of the winning bid amount or full amount in escrow and sign agreement ensuring a fast and risk free transfer of payment and title.

Note: Rest assured that all charges, including the buyer & seller commissions (varies depending on property), will be applied to the winning amount. All fees are upfront, with no hidden charges.

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