Auctions are the best for properties:

  • That need to be sold quickly at market value
  • That are luxurious or one of a kind
  • That are distressed and must be sold now
  • That have a dispute and need a fair & transparent solution to obtain value
  • That must be sold publicly in accordance with the policy, law, or regulation
  • That are defaulted in payments and needs to cash out

What we offer to our buyers

  • Verified Offers Only: To create a trustworthy bidding environment, only serious bidders who are verified using OTP and security deposit.
  • Verified Properties: We offer a wide range of properties, each one verified for your peace of mind.
  • Two auction strategies to choose from:

    Make an Offer

    Live Bid

  • Winning Offer: At the end of the auction, with complete transparency and without hidden conditions or unexpected modifications, the bid that meets the seller's approval wins..
  • Secure Payments: The winning bidder has 48 hours to submit 10% of the winning bid amount or the full amount in escrow. Both parties sign an agreement, ensuring a fast and risk-free transfer of payment and property.
  • The safest and fastest process of transferring ownership and guaranteeing the transfer of payments through the intermediary account with Banque Misr

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