A When deciding to sell your property understanding the costs involved is Crucial


When deciding to sell your property, understanding the costs involved is crucial. At belmazad.com, we aim to simplify this process and offer a transparent, cost-effective solution for both buyers and sellers. Here's why belmazad.com stands out:

Live Bid

If you find a property you like, you can register with us and pay a refundable bid deposit through one of five available options. Place your bid within the specified time frame. If you are the highest bidder and your bid meets the seller's reserve price, you become the property's owner

Fee Structure

We charge commissions to both buyers and sellers only when the auction is successful. Our commission rates vary depending on the property but are always within market norms. Belmazad.com provides a cost-effective way to buy and sell property


Refundable Bid Deposit

Each bidder must deposit a refundable bid deposit amount proportional to the property's actual price. For the successful buyer, this deposit will be adjusted against the property's final price. For other bidders, the deposit will be refunded. We also offer the option to place a hold on a debit or credit card for the bid deposit, which will be released after the winning bidder is announced.


Make an Offer

You can make offers on properties at any time, 24/7. After submitting your offer, the seller will contact you to discuss the next steps. Follow the process outlined by the seller to finalize your purchase.


Fee Structure

There are no registration or reservation fees for making an offer. Simply register and submit your best offer for the property.


For further information or to speak to someone, please call 01011117376 or email support@belmazad.com.

We are here to ensure your buying and selling experience is smooth, transparent, and rewarding. Trust belmazad.com for all your real estate auction needs.